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    Community Service 2023-24

    Community Service Guidelines

    Contact: Mrs. Starkson at

    As a graduation requirement, high school students will need to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service outside of their home and family environment.

    Please read the guidelines below and direct any questions to the high school counseling office prior to starting any community service opportunity.

    Community Service is work done by a person or group of people that benefits others. It is often done near the area where you live, so your own community reaps the benefits of your work. You do not get paid to perform community service, but rather you volunteer your time.

    A student must complete both the Community Service Hours Documentation Form and Community Services Reflection Form. Completed forms will be submitted to the high school counseling department for review.

    Students who lack transportation and would like to inquire about potential service opportunities at their school should contact their high school’s counseling department. School service opportunities will vary by school and may have limited availability, so please inquire early to ensure ample time for scheduling this kind of community service opportunity.


    • Can include opportunities that take place with different organizations; please complete a separate set of form(s) for each organization.

    • Should be school‐oriented, community‐oriented or faith‐based in nature.

    • Must start community service hours after the student completes 8th grade.

    • Should be completed prior to the end of March of your graduating year; if you need more time to complete, you must obtain prior written approval from your school counselor.

    • Must be completed outside of regular school hours; if you would like to complete service hours during the regular school day, this must be approved prior to starting the community service opportunity.

    • May include direct one‐to‐one volunteering opportunities (e.g. mentoring, etc.) or group volunteering options (e.g. as food drive, etc.).

    • Must be approved by the parent/guardian; signature on Community Service Documentation Form is required.

    • May include additional volunteering hours as part of an organization (e.g. Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.).

    • May include volunteering personal time to support the personal enrichment activities of others (e.g. free dance lessons, participation in activities for senior citizen homes, etc.).

    Not Acceptable

    • Cannot be charitable donations.

    • Cannot be court ordered; if you want to use the same court ordered community service opportunity, you must exceed the required court ordered time by a minimum of 20 hours.

    • Cannot use hours resulting from a disciplinary event.

    • Cannot result in a financial reward.

    • Cannot result in academic credit unless otherwise approved.

    • Cannot include activities that are part of a student’s normal day (e.g. extra‐curricular club participation, sports participation, playing in school band, performing in school play, etc.).

    • Cannot include hours spent as part of a family unit (e.g. babysitting siblings, home chores, etc.).

    • Cannot include hours spent personally in enrichment activities (e.g. dance lessons, cooking classes, etc.).

    • Travel time to organization will not count in the calculation of community service hours.


    Community Service Documentation and Reflection Form

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