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Highlighted MYP Classes

Highlighted MYP Classes at LHS

Honors Algebra 2 : The Morrison/Marshall Math Dream Team

Algebra 2

Mr. Morrison (DP Math 12 HL) and Mrs. Marshall (DP Math Studies) have joined their classes and their collaborative talents this year to create an engaging learning environment. These two experienced teachers teach two Honors Algebra 2/PreCalculus classes. Each class meets for two periods each semester, covering two years of intensive middle-level mathematics in just one year.

Probably the most amazing thing about these classes is the extremely high level of student engagement. Mr. Morrison says "We have them for 95 minutes every day and we wouldn't dream of lecturing for even half of that time. We talk for maybe ten minutes and the rest is on them." The class format revolves around students solving problems in self-selected collaborative groups, then explaining their answers to their classmates in a variety of formats. "They have to share. They have to compare. They have to care." Mr. Morrison said during Mr. Parks's October 10 visit to their class. Rowan R., an MYP sophomore said, "The way [the class] is set up is awesome. Everybody loves it!"