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University IB DP Recognition

Universities throughout the United States and the world recognize the high level of preparation that IB Diploma Candidates receive, making them twice as likely to graduate from college as their peers. As such, many universities grant prefered levels of acceptance, scholarship credit and credits for success in the Diploma Programme.   While not exhaustive, below is a list of some university policies for awarding credit for IB DP scores. To see where some of our IB Diploma Alumni have studied, please visit the LHS IB Alumni Directory.   Colorado Dept of Higher Education: Colorado Colleges & Universities IB Transfer Credit (Highlighted courses are those currently offered at LHS).  Complete list of IB Policies for over 2,000 universities worldwide (half of which are US institutions): DP University Index   The IB and College Credit at local universities:  
Colorado State University : IB-CSU equivalency scores
  Colorado School of Mines : general information about IB-Mines equivalency scores
  Front Range Community College : FRCC IB Exam Equivalencies
University of Colorado : CU Boulder IB Equivalencies
  University of Denver : IB-DU equivalency scores

                                          University of Northern Colorado : IB-UNC equivalency scores.  

University of Wyoming:  IB-UW equivalency scores  
Western Colorado State University: IB Western State Transfer Credits               
Masters of Environmental Management 2+2 program : Students with IB credit can complete BA and MA in 5 yrs.               
Environment & Sustainability Scholarships