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Schedule Changes

Semester 2 Schedule Change Requests (12/4/23 - 1/12/24)

Please read all information below before submitting a schedule change request.

  • Students are required to be enrolled in the minimum number of classes second semester to maintain full-time enrollment:

    • Seniors: 5 classes

    • Juniors: 6 classes

    • Sophomores: 7 classes

    • Freshmen: 7 classes

  • Schedule changes will be made based on space availability. Many classes are at capacity and classes cannot be overloaded to accommodate schedule change requests.

  • If you notice a mistake on your schedule (e.g. a class you are not eligible to complete), please fill out the schedule change form linked below.

  • A master schedule of all classes offered during second semester can be found below. Please make sure a class is being offered during a specific class period before submitting any change requests.

  • Counselors will email students in response to all schedule change requests. After submitting each request, students are asked to check their TSD email accounts regularly.

  • Counselors will begin to process schedule change requests during the week of December 4.

  • Deadline to request a schedule change (adding a class): Friday, January 12.

  • Deadline to drop a class without penalty: Friday, January 19.

LHS master schedule of classes: CLICK HERE

Electronic schedule change request form: CLICK HERE